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Open Positions

We invite applicants with competitive GPA, and academic and research background in surface/nanoscience, physical chemistry, condensed matter physics, or materials science to join our group. We routinely evaluate applicants for Postdoctoral Fellow/Research (PDF) and graduate studies (MSc or PhD) positions. For PDF applicants, research background performed by surface characterization techniques operating in UHV such as XPS, AES-LEED, ARPES, TPD/TDS, VT/LT STM and AFM, or ambient SPM is necessary. We also support Undergraduate students for NSERC USRA, HBSc thesis, and Summer Research program.

We accept domestic (Canadian and Permanent Resident) students to MSc and PhD programs. For international applicants, due to the funding arrangement, we can offer full scholarship only to PhD applicants. We accept MSc students in the Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Engineering programs, and PhD students in the Chemistry and Materials Science program.

If you are interested to join our group, please e-mail Dr. Ebrahimi your complete application (C.V., transcripts, and Publications, if available). Please note that ONLY selected candidates will be contacted for interview.

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