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News & Updates

  • 2023: Dr. Ebrahimi is one of the team members of a successful NSERC CREATE funding in Quantum Materials (CREATE-QuantM-MALL, $1.65 M).

  • 2023: Dr. Ebrahimi received the Merit Award in Research from Lakehead University.

  • April, 2023 Noah succesfully completed his HBSc thesis. Congrats!

  • March, 2023 Noah received NSERC USRA. Congrats!

  • 2022: Dr. Ebrahimi received the NSERC RTI grant, Ontario Early Researcher Award, and CFI-JELF.

  • November 24, 2022 Hamzeh successfully passed his PhD comprehensive exam and is now a PhD candidate. Congrats!

  • November 22, 2022 Noah received the CSC Silver Medal. Congrats!

  • October, 2022 Hamzeh attended Nano Ontario 2022 and Quantum Showcase at the TQT, University of Waterloo.

  • October, 2022 Milad gave a poster presentation at the Nano Ontario 2022. Congrats!

  • September, 2022 Francis started his PhD. Welcome Francis!

  • September, 2022 Tomasz started his MSc. Welcome back Tomasz!

  • April, 2022 Toamsz succesfully completed his HBSc thesis. Congrats!

  • March, 2022 Noah received NSERC USRA. Congrats!

  • January 12, 2022 Milad successfully passed his comprehensive exam and is now a PhD candidate. Congrats!

  • January, 2022 Hamzeh started his PhD studies. Welcome Hamzeh!

  • March, 2021 Bruce received NSERC USRA. Congrats!

  • January, 2021 Milad started his PhD studies. Welcome Milad!

  • 2021: Dr. Ebrahimi (as a Co-PI) received ​a CFI-Innovation Fund ($7M fund).

  • March, 2020 Bruce received NSERC USRA. Congrats!

  • 2020: Dr. Ebrahimi received ​NSERC-DG, NFRF-Exploration, and CFI-JELF research funding.

  • 2019: Dr. Ebrahimi received ​a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair Award and joined Lakehead University.

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